Known under the pseudonym Stephan Concept- Stefan Svivcevic is an experienced business manager, web creator, marketing specialist, writer, and poet, who is skilled in Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Microsoft Office, Content Management Systems (CMS), Google services, and Social Media.

He is an excellent sales professional, who has a Master’s degree in Business, Management, and Marketing, and he has IAB Professional Certification. In addition, he has Support Services from the University of Kragujevac in Serbia and The Open University in the UK.

Along with his professional literature, which includes the Handbook for Successful Online Presence and his first e-book, Business Innovation and Online Communication, he actively writes and publishes travelogues on the My weekend portal. As part of the ambitious project Cities on 7 Hills, the travelogue “Unforgettable trip to Istanbul” served him for his first novel, The Imperial City. He is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia.

He composed his first collections using poetry and poetic prose: “The Rose in the Shape of the Letter G” and “The Game of Remembrance”. Collections of poems are a mixture of emotional ecstasy, sadness, silent suffering, life views, love, and hope, at the same time imbued with imagination and memories from various journeys recorded at the moment.